Australia’s Top Places for Surfing Betting

Sports betting in Australia is incredibly popular so it is only natural that one of Australia’s favourite sports, surfing, be available for online betting. Surfing is a sport that is enjoyed by many in Australia because of the countries great coastlines and surf breaks. While surfing can be a way to unwind, it is also a highly competitive sport where professionals take part in gruelling competitions.

As great as surfing betting is in Australia, it is always better when done at safe and reliable betting sites that are dedicated to providing surfing bets and odds. This is why we have compared the sites to find the very best for punters in Australia who are interested in surfing betting. These sites are guaranteed to impress and give punters the best options for surfing betting. Signing up at them also means pretty great bonuses that truly boost your bankroll.

Great Aspects of Surfing Betting

Australians tend to think of surfers as professional athletes even though the sport is still generally considered an alternative sport around the world. Surfing events are quite something to behold but one major influence in how surfers will perform is the weather and what the waves will doing that day.

This is typically hard to predict outright which is why it possible to bet on the WCT scores of the participating surfers. As with all sorts of online sports betting, surfing betting should not be done on a whim. A basic knowledge of the sport, the different betting options and a good common sense is important to win money. First time bettors need not worry as all things take time to learn and it isn’t too hard to get a basic understanding of surfing betting.

TOP surfing betting SITESJuly 2024
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The Best Odds for Surfing Bets

Our recommended sites are where the best surfing betting odds are found. These are the most accurate but never 100 percent. The odds of surfing bets are determined by a number of factors such as the performance of the surfer, their strength, the weather on the day and the particular location of the event. Some coastlines have much bigger and better waves than others.

Some of the well-known surfing events include the Billabong Pro Teahupoo, the Quicksilver Pro and the Quicksilver Pro Gold Coast which are all part of the ASP World Tour of Surfing. The Rip Curl Search and the Billabong Pro Mundaka are other surfing events that attract plenty of punters.

Surfing betting is quite diverse and comes with many options to choose from. These can include anything from individual bets based on performance to group betting. Many of the common surfing bets available at the top recommended sites include betting on the outright winner and placing at a stage in an event, series or tournament. There are the typical Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta and head to head betting too along with Out betting and Field betting options.

Surfing betting really is huge hit online because the outdoor events tend to not have betting facilities as readily available. Picking any of the top recommended sites for surfing betting really is the first step to start winning with one of Australia’s best loved sports.

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