Harness Betting

Harness racing in Australia is not yet as popular as thoroughbred racing, although many towns and cities have their own tracks. Harness racing is done using standardbreds and a small carriage called a sulky. The horses race around an oval track, usually on dirt.

Betting on harness racing can be done via a number of sites, although it is slightly more difficult to find than it is to find thoroughbred betting. Harness betting still falls under the category of horse betting and sportsbettingaus.com have a number of sites which offer both horse betting and harness betting to punters from Australia.

What To Look For

Getting to know harness betting is slightly different than getting to know regular thoroughbred betting. The breed of horse is different, as is the pace that they move at. Harness horses do not gallop, but instead trot or pace, moving their legs in a two beat gait. If a harness horse breaks into a gallop or a canter they can be disqualified if not corrected.

When looking at placing a bet on a harness horse, one needs to look closely at the horse’s race history as well as any injuries it may have had. Standardbred horses do not have as much time off as thoroughbred horses, so if there is a significant gap in their racing history this is more than likely due to either injury or illness. A recovering horse may fight its way back to its previous caliber, although that is unlikely.

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Drivers play a different part in harness racing than in thoroughbred racing. Because they do not actually have to ride the horse they can be older as well as heavier. A driver has to concentrate on guiding a harness horse more than a jockey does as they cannot give signals via their body. Research drivers and their various styles to see which ones seem to have it right, and gel well with the horses.

Betting On A Race

To place a horse bets one first has to find a horse betting app or site which not only provides betting on harness racing but also has decent wagering option and bonuses as well. Look through our offered choices on sportsbettingaus.com to find the one that suits you the best.

Wagering on harness racing is similar to wagering on thoroughbred racing and many of the markets will be familiar to those with a bit of experience. The most basic is still the win bet, or which horse will actually win the race. From there you get more complicated bets such as quinellas and trifectas, just as one would in thoroughbred races.

Because harness racing is not as popular as horse racing betting, there are fewer races per day. Most days will have only one race while the big derby’s may have two or three. This cuts out some of the wagering options which are available on the big thoroughbred racing days. Be sure when placing a bet on harness racing that you keep up to date on what wagers are available, and whether there is live betting allowed for your chosen race. If you are using a mobile horse betting app you can receive up to the minute information right on your mobile device, ensuring that you are always in the loop.

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