Horse Betting

Horse betting or horse racing betting is one of the most popular, if not the most popular form of sports betting in Australia. Many towns and cities have their own tracks, and the big race days have been known to bring the entire country to a standstill. Placing a bet on the ponies is much easier these days, thanks to the advent of online sports betting. Mobile horse betting took convenience even further, now allowing most of Australia’s populace to place a wager from wherever they are as long as they have a decent internet connection.

Horse Betting Strategy

There is no infallible way to predict which horse will win a race, but having a sound knowledge of the animals running as well as the various factors will play a large part in whether your wager is successful and profitable or not. One of the horse betting strategies is to keep a record of a horse’s performance, noting bloodlines and track conditions among other variables. This will show a trend not only in the individual animal but possibly in its bloodline as well, helping you to make an informed decision in other races.

Knowing the track is almost as important as knowing the horse. Not all thoroughbreds can run well on any surface or track condition, so be sure to check out the weather for the day in advance. Heavy going will only suit a very small number of horses as thoroughbreds are delicate creatures and don’t enjoy running in mud and rain.

Another aspect of your horse betting strategy should be to read the professional tipsters who post on various horse betting sites. These are paid professionals who have spent years perfecting what they do in order to bring you the best information possible. have a selection of horse betting sites which offer not only a range of odds but a number of professional tipsters as well.

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How To Place Horse Racing Bets

Knowing how to place horse racing bets is, of course, the first step towards a potentially profitable wager. These can be done via a number of sites or even mobile apps. Reading horse racing betting guides will provide you with the base knowledge of how the betting system works which is your first step in learning how to place horse racing bets.

Horse Betting Apps and Mobile Betting

With most of the Australian population having access to the internet via some smart device or another, it is not surprising that a number of online sports betting sites have developed specialised apps and mobile sites for punters who wish to place wagers on the go. These can be accessed from almost anywhere, and provide a number of advantages over traditional online sports betting

Specialised horse betting apps provide a punter with up to the minute results on races, as well as live streaming of the races directly on your device. Live betting can sometimes be done via the app which allows one to change their wager at the last minute. Mobile horse betting also gives a punter access to vital information such as a horse’s pedigree and previous race results at any time, which is instrumental in placing a successful and profitable wager. have combed the internet to provide you with the best mobile horse betting apps and sites which can be run on a large number of devices. All of our apps and sites are guaranteed to be safe and provide you with the best possible horse betting experience.


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