Greyhound Betting

Placing a bet on a greyhound race is something which a large swath of the Australian population has tried their hand at, at one stage or another. Greyhound betting is an exciting pastime, whether you actually go down to the track or make use of a betting site such as There are numerous betting markets offered on a greyhound race, ranging from the novice such as a win bet, to the more complex such as a quinella. offers access to a large number of greyhound betting sites which in turn have a wide range of bets which one can place, suiting every taste possible.

Betting On the Dogs

Greyhound betting traces its roots back centuries to England where sight hounds were raced after live prey. These days there is no live prey involved, but placing greyhound bets is no less exciting. In Australia, there are a large number of tracks which host a number of races ranging from local to grade ones. Greyhound derby betting even attracts some international dogs which makes the field of even higher quality.

Greyhound Racing Tips

As with any racing sport, greyhound betting has certain strategies which can help to ensure that your bet is successful and profitable. Keeping a close eye on the experts which produce a number greyhound betting tips which can be found on greyhound betting sites is always a great way to be in the know. has compiled a comprehensive list of the best greyhound betting sites which offer a wide range of tips and pointers, all of which have been carefully vetted to ensure that only the best information reaches your screen.

Greyhound betting guides are another great way to get to know not only how the sport works, but also how the various betting markets work. There are a number of different wagers one can place not only on a race but a series of races if your knowledge of the dogs and the track is god enough.

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Greyhound Betting Odds

The odds for each race and each dog are influenced by two main factors; the popularity of the dog at the bookies and the bookies opinion of the dog. These odds influence how much one will make on a bet should the wager be successful. Wagers placed on dogs with higher odds are riskier, but could end up paying off huge should the dog win or place.

Before placing a wager, be sure to look closely at the odds offered by a number of different sites. Not all sites will offer the same odds, and if you have done your research properly you may even be able to spot an outsider with high odds who has a good shot at a place. This is, of course, every punter’s dream; to place that one bet which no one else noticed and make a fortune off it. This is possible, as long as you have a sound knowledge of the dogs as well as the track. Many factors play a part in how a dog runs, not just whether he is faster than the dog next to him. Knowing all of this could be the difference between a mediocre wager and a striking it rich.

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